Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jairam Ramesh, the all-popular technocrat MoEF

Jairam Ramesh, the Minister of Environment and Forests has declared the LAVASA housing project near Pune as unauthorised. The stinking rich are using real estate projets as an excuse to park their dirty funds. Dumbos among them have been investing in projects like Adarsh Housing society in Colaba and Lavasa near Pune. Much to their chagrin they have found a politician, deviation from the usual corrupt, a rare commodity, who does not give into money, power and influence. A very welcome signal in the Indian political scenario.

Two days back he stated that the Adarsh building, the 32 floor unauthorised structure that has come up in Colaba on naval grounds violating all environmental and security norms should be pulled down. It is followed today by his declaration that HCC sponsored LAVASA housing project near Pune is another unauthorised one. The dirty rich and the crooked politicians are finding this minister to be slightly inconvenient for them.

But I should say that the whole country and its sensible people are behind him as they know he can never go wrong with his very advanced understanding and analysis of events and implementation of remedies as enshrined in the Indian constitution benefitting the common man and the government.

How else can an IIT Bombay BTech with advanced degrees from Carnegie Melon and MIT go wrong ? The nation has a lot to learn from him ..


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