Saturday, January 29, 2011

Globalisation and a globalised corporation..

N R Narayan Murthym mentor at Infosys, in his book, " A better India, a better world", Penguin India, 2009 gives some excellent observations on globalization.

He notes that Globalization is about sourcing capital from where it is cheapest, sourcing talent from where it is best available, producing goods and services where it is most efficient, and selling where the markets are, without being constrained by national boundaries.

Globalization provides the opportunity for every nation to offer the best value-for-money products and services in the global bazar without being restrained by bureaucracy, political hindrance or xenophobia.

A globalized corporation as different from a multi national corporation (MNC) produces goods at one place for the whole world. Nike is such an example. Product development takes place where human talent and innovation are best, production takes places in factories situated in countries where it is most cost-effective to produce and sales takes place in countries with high disposable incomes.


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