Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fuel efficiency in Tata Indica Xeta ..2006

Even though Tata Motors claims officially in its advts that Indica Xeta gives a mileage of only 14 kms /litre of petrol, I have been getting about 14 kms in the city per litre of petrol and approximatley 20 kms for long distance travel on my Tata Indica Xeta 2006 model. 

I must confess that the maintenance is very minimal, I just change the engine oil every 15000 kms and engine coolant once in a year, with regular topping with water, gear oil change once in 2 years or so. My drive is also about 30 kms /day in Bangalore city at max 60 kmph speed. Careful driving without any unnecessary acceleration and braking.

In both my trips to Kerala in May 2009 and Dec 2010, I have got on an average app 20 kms to a litre of petrol. That works out to Rs.1500 one way ( in May 2009 a litre of petrol was costing Rs 55 while now it is Rs 63. )

Even though I drove for about 12 hrs with max 60 mins break in between for bfast and lunch, at the end of the day, I never felt the strain. Was feeling as fresh in the evening as I was when I started my trip with family.. I speaks a lot of the suspension system and the very comfortable seatings and ample leg space inside the car.

I may not be able to compare this vehicle with Mercs or Audi, but defintely Tata Motors does offer value for the money ..

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