Sunday, January 30, 2011

From 'US' with respect and love ..

Idi vettiyanvande kalel pambu kadichathupole ..

The move by the US govt to radio tag heels of Indian students who were duped by a sham Uty in California is adding insult to injury ..

This incident is ample and enough evidence of the social status and respect enjoyed by the Indian Americans in US society. ( I do expect some rebuttals from my friends and some silent approvals..)

From a rich civilization embodying the principles of " Vasudaiva kudumbakam ", considering the respect and love we hold for the "white skinned", this was the least we could expect from these insensitive bunch of racial protagonists..


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  1. These angle bracelets are common here used for criminals on probation.
    The legal system might have a valid reason for doing it, but it is so heartbreaking for someone who is a foreigner here to go through
    it and the fellow Indian we are, we feel to protest. I feel sorry for the folks, hope something like this didn't happen, hopefully it will
    get resolved soon.
    Unlike India, in US, most of the time, (except whilte collar crimes, I guess), most people can't get away from infractions of the law.



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