Thursday, December 16, 2010

The world listens when India and China talks..

"The fact is that when India and China, representing more than two and half billion people speak in one voice, the world listens." Dr Manmohan Singh.

India has successfully stalemated Chinese efforts to affirm the 'One China policy' which includes Tibet by linking Kashmir to the Unified India tag .. By this single move, any efforts by China to side with Pakistan and embarrass India on Kashmir has been virtually nullified. We can expect peace on this front in the coming years.

With China and India are eyeing for a $ 100 billion trade turnover between the two Asian giants, definitely the world is taking note. While Obama could finalise deals worth $10 billion during his visit and Sarkozy from France could finalise deals worth $ 15 billion during his visit, Wen Jiabao, Chinese PM has walked away with deals worth $ 20 billion from Indian companies.

The blabbering arising from Pakistan should be looked down upon as shrills and cries from a failed state. The Pakistani people may be looking forward to prosperity and recognition for their country like their counterparts in India, but the military and the military dominated intelligence unit would never allow any such thing to happen in Pakistan , not till they are thrown out of power through a revolution by the people.


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