Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thanks to media, journalists and Lokayuktha

These days we come across lot of scams involving real estate, telecom licencing, loans advancement by banks, Games organising etc being highlighted and exposed in the newspapers and TV 24x7. Were it not for the media, we would not have got any information of the wrongdoings of our politicians and industrialists and all these incidents would have been swept under the carpet. Sadly, then, the scams would have continued and brought great misery and would have damaged our social and economic fabric much.

Rule of law and the supremacy of the Constitution in all matters relating to the individual is doing the country a lot of good and helps in improving our image in the comity of nations.

Eventhough we are branded as a corrupt country, all these revelations and the law dealing with it, though lengthy, we hope will improve our image internationally. No rogue or corrupt person should ever escape the process of law ! A much sincere Prime Minister is helping people realise their aspirations by not allowing any one guilty to go through scotfree..


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