Wednesday, December 08, 2010

sarkozy and Obama, the subtle difference ..

Obama while in Mumbai, India expressing his sorrow at the 26/11 terror attacks, refused to be drawn into any major controversies or comments on US' soul partner and closest buddy Pakistan on its roguish behaviour and its threat to its neighbours and the whole world as a terrorist sponsoring state. 

While recognising its major role as an utterly failed state surviving on the oxygen supplied by US as grants for buying weapons and grains, US is yet to come out with the acceptance of Pakistan as a terrorist state, still under the active control of the military.. It appeared as if Obama was being restrained by some unknown forces acting behind the scenes and controlling all his words and actions.

Sarkozy on the other hand in Mumbai at a function to commemorate the victims of the 26/11 terror attacks at the Taj Hotel was very open in condemning Pakistan, its military and its dubious role in sponsoring terrorism and acting as the epicentre of terrorism in the world.

The final rewards were Obama could get back with the crumbs falling from the dining table, almost $15 billion, while Sarkozy has shared the meal from the high table with our PM and President, taking back with him firm orders for almost $ 25 billion..

Hounding Julain Asange, the 39 year old Australian of wikileaks with dubious cases in Sweden and UK, US is exposing its true colour as relates to human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Its dubious efforts to block information on its subversive and undergound activities being made public makes it a worse human rights violator than China..


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