Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Shoot the message, not the messenger ..

The recent wikileaks and the efforts by the US govt to restrain, intimidate and gag Asange puts US in very poor image in front of the world. As they claim themselves to the the oldest democracy in the world, they should at least try to live up to their claims, else public accuse them of hypocrisy !

In this age knowledge is power and the person holding that knowledge, is all powerful ! The helplessness of the US administration to contain Asange and the blushings with each sensational, selected release of confidential documents of diplomatic cables and double dealings despatched by their diplomats in the different parts of the world to their head office will continue to entertain world public and give fodder for the media for the next one year at least !!

When China tried to gag Google when one of the communist party leaders found objectionable references to him on a personal search in its search engine, the world cried foul against gagging the media. Google had all the muscle to cry foul but had to withdraw like a mouse.

Asange is now fighting the US govt as a one man army and is running from country to country to evade the might of the powerful and revengeful US establishment. Have to wait and see what befalls him soon ! The sexual charges against him are for engaging in consensual sex with two swedish women without using modems, which is not a crime in most of the countries.

US should try to shoot the message and not the messenger !!


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  1. Dear Sir, Good effort to make the matter simple and easily understandable. Great to see such articles in your blog.
    Muralidhar Reddy


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