Thursday, December 02, 2010

Azim Premji makes a $ 2 billion philanthropic act ..

Azim Premji, the charismatic chairman of Western India Products, through the years !!

Once upon a time, late 90s, he was the richest man on earth when his stocks in WIPRO, 97%, soared from Rs 300 to Rs 12,000.00, and could buy Bill Gates, twice over ( market cap and not real hard cash !!) !!

He has been eagerly pursuing his vision of improving education scene in India. is a good example.. This contribution of $ 2000 million is only for improving schooling in the country.. This is will benefit the country straight away and help improve our social indices.

The damage being done by our "irresponsible" politicians through the many scams is being slowly undone by our "responsible" business leaders .. Yediyurappa, Raja and Kalmadi will have lot to learn from this humble person !!

I had the good opportunity of listening to him at one of the convocations at IIT Bombay almost ten years back. From being a raw and unwilling entrant to family business after dropping his studies at Stanford almost 40 years back, he now stands tall in the global IT industry as being a very responsible and ethical global leader.

( Premji is also totally grey haired like me, maybe a lot of similarities !!)

ge .. ( photo courtesy Times group..)

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