Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anybody with slipped disc problems . ??

Orthopaedic doctors would not agree to this, but it is true.

Slipped disc pain happens when there is herniation in the spinal discs which touch the nerves of the spine. Doctors say this pain radiates along the path of the nerves to the feet and so on. 

Dr John Sarno MD in his medical career spanning thousands of patients checked the spine MRI images of healthy people with and without herniated discs. There were many healthy patients with herniated discs who never complained of pain. That caused him to start thinking that herniated disc pain is not psychological but mental. 

John Sarno MD, "The MindBody Prescription"

Bestselling author Dr. John E. Sarno reveals how most painful conditions are rooted in unexpressed emotions--and how to cure these disorders without drugs, therapy, or surgery.According to Dr. Sarno, most... pain is a psychogenic expression of unconscious rage -- the brain's way of distracting you from repressed feelings. By changing the treatment focus from the body to the mind, he persuasively argues that pain can be abolished simply by understanding its purpose. Informative and diagnostic, "The Mindbody Prescription" reveals how emotions stimulate the brain to produce physical symptoms, describes these emotionally induced ailments, and offers a therapeutic program, including: -- Thinking psychologically -- Talking to the brain -- Addressing pressures and rages -- Developing periods of reflection -- and more.

This is testimony from a person who has had three recurrences of the problem in the past seven years and now is pretty cool and confident. That's me..

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