Monday, November 29, 2010

Tensions mount in Korean peninsula ..

While there is no business for US to engage in military exercises with South Korea in the seas near to Korea, North Korea, should not overtly get charged with fears of insecurity.

While the world is fully aware how the rogue state of North Korea got nuclear capability and has been using this in frequent standoffs with US and the Western world, especially South Korea and Japan, the firing of two missiles at South Korean islands is totally uncalled for. It was just an effort to rekindle tensions and to improve its negotiating position in respect to clandestine nuclear projects..

A war can be extremely damaging for South Kora and US at this point of time, even those countries are fully aware of this. But the tough stance is just posturing to show that they are prepared if Noth Korea is up for some misadventure..

When the South Korean auto major, Ssanyong motors was acquired by Mahindra from India, it caused many a head to turn and take notice of this small Indian company which is getting global. The war can unsettle many a reputed Korean companies and make them extremely susceptible for likely takeovers by India and Chinese companies. It will be better for Samsung, LG and Hyundai if US and South Korea does some plain thinking and withdraw from their joint naval exercises in the Yellow Sea, on the west coast of Korean peninsula, by not precipitating tensions.

See the map, China, Russia and Japan are avid onlookers at this crucial crisis ..


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