Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tata surprises everyone with 3G calling rates ..

As usual this time too, Tata has been innovative in their pricing of 3G voice services. When Tata brought down the rates for 2G to 1 p / sec, the whole Industry followed suit. In fact,Tata set the trend by innovating with lower costs, benefiting the customer.

This time too they have repeated the same exercise with 3G pricing at 0.66p/sec, even beating the pricing for 2G and paving the way for other players to follow suit. 

They have also debunked A Raja's theory that 2G players were able to offer world's cheapest call rates because they were given the spectrum at throwaway prices by govt at Rs 12 crores/Mhz, incurring a loss of nearly 1.7 lakh crores for the exchequer ( common man !!)..

Does he have any excuses to offer at this Tata initiative where spectrum was sold at a whopping Rs 152 crores/Mhz ? The industry is virtually shocked with this smart move from Tata .. Industry leader and trend setter !! We may find lot of players calling it quits soon ..


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