Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Strategies to motivate teachers ..

Most of the time, it's the teachers who motivate students to do their best in the classroom, but there are times when teachers also need to be motivate in order to provide the best instruction. Teachers are like any other employee--they need to be inspired and keep their morale high in order to be able to do their job well.


  1. Hold regular motivational meetings. Invite the principal to speak or other guest speakers who can relate to the teachers and give them inspiration. Sometimes teachers need to be reminded of the difference they make in the children's lives.

  2. Identify problems in the classroom by holding an assembly after school. Maintain collaboration by opening up the forum where teachers can provide honest feedback and voice their opinions. This method will also provide collaboration and clearer communication between teachers and staff.

  3. Provide incentives. Increased pay is definitely an incentive for teachers because many of them feel overworked. Teachers can receive bonuses based on the performance of the students to reward teachers who work hard. They can also receive recognition such as teacher-of-the-month awards.

  4. Increase awareness of the career ladders and other positions that are available for teachers. Teachers want to go up the career ladder and that by telling them about opportunities for advancement, they become more motivated to do their job well to show that they can handle more responsibilities.

  5. Plan events for the teachers. While events such as potluck or luncheons may not increase performance in the classroom, they are essential in boosting employee morale. When teachers enjoy their job and the school they work for, students see the difference. A more engaging and motivated teacher will channel the same energy to students, making them more interested in the classroom.

Read more: Strategies for Motivating Teachers | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4741017_strategies-motivating-teachers.html#ixzz15P4KlQyC


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