Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A self-appointed front runner for UNSC seat ..

The wikileaks is clear demonstration of how in this information age, information of all hues and colours is finding its way to public domain. http://cablegate.wikileaks.org/ quarter of a million classified docs of the US govt are in public domain ..

US Secretary of State's comments on India being a self-appointed front runner for the UNSC permanent seat, along with Germany and Japan, in one of her cables to the State Dept made interesting reading.

Perhaps she forgets that US was one of the first self-appointed "permanent member" of the UNSC .. It is true that memory can indeed be short ..

The claims from the State Dept that these leaks are a threat to individual security and American interests the world over is indeed true !! Its double game is getting exposed and that is a major embarrassment for it.

The threat to Julian Assange from the State Dept is grave and in the coming days we shall see how it unfolds. The disclosures made by Assange from different parts of the world is a strategy to see that the docs are well read and received the world over.

The US govt needs to find out how such top secret docs got out of their hands in the first place !!


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