Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pakistan terror groups face action ..

Sanctions have been initiated against the Pak terror outfits LET and JeM prior to US prez visit to India.

It is strange that almost $ 200m is being spent per day on Obama's visit to India for precautions against any terrorist attack which may arise during his visit. 34 warships have moved to the Indian Ocean area to guard the seas to prevent any sort of a mumbai style terrorist attacks. 2 jumbos and about 16 helicopters have landed in Mumbai two days earlier itself.

What hypocrisy is this Obama ??

You did never think of proceeding against these groups when India kept crying to the world to ban them, lest you antagonise your permanent and "natural ally", Pakistan in your joint fight against global terrorism (!!!). But when you are coming to the neighbourhood of this ally, your partner in the fight against terrorism and the epicentre of global terrorism, Pakistan, you are worried for your personal safety.

Why are you demonstrating your double standards at this juncture ? Or is it part of your strategy of pitting countries against each other and fishing in troubled waters ?



  1. I don't know where people get these numbers. As far as I know, they are classified. The first these came into the public was when conservative (Republican) talk show hosts started throwing them around. Taking them as credible sources is hardly the thing to do.

    Ah! And good old hypocrisy, isn't that a human trait? Even the best of us are guilty of it aren't we? Everyone has his or her own personal bias and as a result some hypocrisy.

    As for security arrangements, whether Obama likes it or not, there is a government apparatus that is set in motion as soon as these trips are planned. Obama has nothing to do with it. And I would imagine it is the same when the Prime Minister or President of India travels abroad.

    Rajan ..

  2. Rajan,

    my knoweldge is what I get thru TV and print media. and I think it cannot be off the target by more than 10%.

    I am not against Democrats, in fact I am with them and not with the right wing Republicans. What predicament US finds presently is due to the misdeeds of the earlier Republican regime under Bush. With better penetration of TV and print media among the masses, public is better informed and is willing to speak their opinion, on global issues.

    Fierce debates are going on TV presently over the outsourcing debate, Strobe Talbott and John McCain are also joining in these. Outsourcing is the end result of globalisation and is an inevitable after effect, whether we like it or not. Chinese companies are now the darling of the US corporations and we will find very soon Indian companies, Infy, TCS etc being discarded for Chinese companies in the outsourcing debate. ie India is not to be held responsible for the job losses in US.

    Obama is landing in Mumbai is another 30 mins. Mumbai has come to a standstill to receive the "most powerful man in the world". No traffic on roads, they were banned yday from celebrating Diwali too.

    we expect Obama to make statement reg our UNSC permanent membership status, which is the most important agenda for the PM, and if that happens the Indian political leadership is ready to give orders for 126 jet fighters and with that about $10 billion to generate almost 30,000 more jobs in US., even though Indian air force does not need those fighter jets !

    India does not want to send Obama empty handed if he is ready to reciprocate in equal measure to what we are ready to give US. Our private sector could be pressured to have more business with US than China ( though in world markets US has lost competitiveness to match up with Indian and Chinese companies.)

    Let us wait and see what happens !



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