Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Increased awareness and less tolerance to corruption ..

People in India along with the media armed with the most advanced legislation, Right To Information, enacted by the same lawmakers who are seen law breakers most of the time, are spelling the doom for corruption in the country. The media is seen playing a supportive and investigative part, competing with each other to expose these selfish netas and babus. Indeed a very comforting act indeed !!

During the present government led by Congress, we have seen many scams come to light, even earlier we used to have them, but sadly they never found the light of the day. The biggest of it being the 2G spectrum case where Union Telecom Minister finds himself in a fix. The next has been the Common Wealth Games and its conduct. The Adarsh Housing Society scam which has tarnished the image of the armed forces runs into hundreds of crores in prime Mumbai residential area.

A leader who himself is intolerant to corruption is leading this charge against corruption in the country. Is it indication that tolerance levels for corruption has been declining over the years ? If it is true, it is indeed a very welcome sign as the country needs it badly. The common man is fed up with the netas and babus milking the country dry with their highhandedness and a luxurious life style. Recently the drama by Karnataka MLAs drained the exchequer, yours and mine tax money, by as much as Rs. 32 crores. Whether it was to retain corrupt ministers or to oust them, the common man paid the price !!

Recently in a survey conducted among audience by CNN-IBN it was shown that 52 % concurred with the fact that politicians were the most corrupt in society, followed by bureaucrats 25 %, businessmen 10% followed by NGOs and the common man who wants things the easy way and bribes his way through.

It is indeed a heartwarming sight to find that corrupt politicians, those deadly parasites, are being exposed, be it spectrum raja, real estate Chavan, denotification Yeddi, airline ibrahim, common wealth kalmadi, real estate kapoor whoever, the media, print and TV armed with RTI and Lokayuktha are exposing corruption in all spheres of life. We have to bow our heads in shame as we are one of the most corrupt societies in the world. The increased awareness to reduce corruption is indeed a welcome breath of fresh air which is blowing across the society.

It is said corruption is responsible for pulling back our GDP growth by as much as 2 %. If it were not for corruption we would have overtaken China five years back in growth and would have been able to provide basic elementary education to the less privileged in society, eradicate poverty and raise millions more above the poverty line from the present 300 million, provide better healthcare for the poor and diseased, care for the aged in society, better social welfare for the citizens and what not, we would have been the model society everyone would look forward to.

With billions of dolars of FDI pouring into the country and more liquid money available for acquiring real estate, customers and so on, it is natural that corruption also will increase. It has been there in society since humans started living together.

Being able to reduce it and helping equal and just spread of wealth in society, not through force or coercion, but with a willing mind from the people, we can hope to get our country scale heights.

Is it an utopia or can we really achieve it ?

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