Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Damage done by Adarsh Housing Society scam ..

Adarsh Housing Society in Colaba , Mumbai never got environmental clearances from the Ministry and hence stands a high chance of being demolished if proper clearances are not obtained.

Former armed forces bigwigs and politicians are there among the people who have received undue favours through the building meant to house Kargil war widows and families.

Getting rich is no issue, but doing so trampling on someone else's rights and inheritance is pure greed.

The Mah CM getting ready to be kicked out as is the news that court of enquiry will be held by the army to find all people who are unlawfully  squatting on somebody else' land.

The scam has dented the army's image, politicians image and the image of the diff departments who have unlawfully given clearances to the building construction flouting all rules and regulations.

There will be lot of people who are waiting to see the building being demolished, i am one of them !!


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