Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sony Walkman bids adieu !!

I very vividly remember that evening of Nov, 1980, on a holiday, from
my college SD College in Aleppey, we friends went straight to our
friend Anand's house. His father and mother had just come on a short
holiday from Brunei and brought with them the latest electronic
gadgets. Sony Walkman was one of the items. It was a big surprise for
us to listen to crystal clear sound from headphones. Listening to the
cassettes of Beegees was our favourite pastime then. In short we
respected Sony for brining useful things so close to the customer.

Yesterday Sony has said bye bye to that one item which changed the
future of personal entertainment in the world for ever !! and brought
world focus on miniaturisation.

One of the biggest examples in innovation which I still keep quoting
in my classes. It was marketing and innovation combined. Sony did
enough work in the market to create a need for a product for personal
entertainment and then manufactured it to world class quality levels,
in fact, mass produced it.

Till they bid farewell two days back .. Indeed sad ..!


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