Sunday, October 17, 2010

Skeletons tumbling from CWG closet ..

The order from PMO not to release any OC official till corruption
probe is over and asking former CVC Shungloo to start probe into the
alleged graft that has taken place in the CWG preparations has sent
the first skeleton tumble from the cupboards. For the Talkatora
swimming pool complex, payment to the tune of Rs 200 crores, was made
twice by the CPWD, coming under Urban Dev Minister, Jaipal Reddy. The
complicity of Ministers cannot be ruled out when such large payments
are made.

Let the investigations start in right earnest and as a citizen of this
country, I have all right to know how each paisa of my tax has been
spent on the CWG preparations. Rs 1000 crores was spent to just
refurbish the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium where the inaugural and
concluding sessions of the games happened. With that money we could
have built at least three such stadia.. More skeletons are going to
fall !!

Finally this is a golden chance for the political leadership to instil
the sense of accountability into the system. You may spend money for
public utilities, but cannot absolve anyone of the accountability of
the same. The person in charge owes an explanation to the common man
in the country as to how his money was spent. Hope the PM Dr Manmohan
Singh, a man of such credentials and credibility is able to gain
confidence of the common man in his administration by such striking
administrative steps.

It surely is a sure shot recipe to achieve greater goals for the
country in the long run. The incredible growth of the economy may give
us the financial muscle to host even greater events in future, even
the Olymopics with much grandeur and pomp than the Chinese, that does
not mean, wealth should be squandered. If put to proper use with the
appropriate accountability mechanisms built in the system, it will
work wonders. The world will look up to us with great hope, to lead
the world into the next century and provide the needed global
leadership for the same ..


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