Friday, October 08, 2010

Risky fossil fuel supply chains fuel innovation into non-conventional sources..

The fossil fuel supply chain from US to remotest parts of Afghanistan
to power US camps in those areas is proving to be very challenging for
US over the past few months. The long convoys of fuel tankers are easy
targets like lame ducks for the Taliban from Pak and Afghan side.

The costs of managing this supply chain is tremendous. Continuous
drone attacks by US on Taliban hideouts are happening on a daily
basis, killing militants, prompting them to retaliate on NATO fuel
supplies. The Taliban suffering (?) is documented here ..

For every $1 spent on procuring a gallon of oil from different parts
of the world, it costs another $600 to transport it to the remotest
parts of Afghanistan. The costs of managing its movement securely across Pakistan and Afghanistan is adding to the costs in a big way. So far almost 54,000 gallons of oil have been burnt off from about 60 tankers. The human cost is also high, with one soldier lost for every 24 convoys despatched.

This has motivated US defense dept to step efforts to adopt quick
implementation of non-conventional sources of energy, like solar and
wind, for lights, cars .. This should accelerate research in these
areas which will percolate down to the commercial applications for


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