Saturday, October 02, 2010

Land grab by politicians in Bangalore ..

They say everything in the world can be made except land !! So grab it, left and right, front and back.. The ploy being used by politicians these days in Bangalore..

Land is scarce and this explains why builders world over are taking over land in order to convert them to residential properties, to sell at huge profits. Some of the richest people in the world are also real estate developers who have exploited this innate desire for any individual to own a house for himself and his family.

Everywhere else the govt protects the interest of the common man and farmers from these land sharks. In Bangalore the situation is slightly different. Here it is the government which is leading the charge. Fooling the farmers, the real owners of the land and after underpaying them to sell their land at throwaway prices to the government, it then allocates this farmer's land to influential people, namely politicians and their families at throw away prices. 

The present CM of Karnataka, the oft found crying and soft hearted, supposedly honest CM was exposed recently by a Right To Information (RTI) inquiry into a land denotification he recently carried out to benefit his sons and son-in-law. After all, doting fathers are always doting, whatever corruption they have to do and when they have to cry out their innocence in public !! After all, he did it not to anybody for any consideration, but only for his son . What is the problem after all ?

Another politician, the foolish IT minister and former Industries minister, Katta Subramanya Naidu and his son ( now cooling his heels in the prison..), purchased land from farmers after enticing them with false promises and higher remuneration for their land. After acquiring this land from them, not paying the farmer what was promised, he got it bought or sold it at exorbitant prices to the Govt, through different benami names, to help set up the Special Economic Zone in Chikballapur area. In some cases the same land was bought twice from different parties. The Lok Ayuktha has exposed these these land scams and the Minister is facing expulsion from the corrupt cabinet headed again by a corrupt CM,  He may not go silently, but will take the corrupt CM also along with him in most likelihood in the next few days.

Land thus is the reason for a lot of heartburn and lot of enmity in the present scenario in Bangalore. Politicians excessively greedy are looking to grab as much land as possible while they are in power and then if they have to quit disgracefully, who cares, live like a King !! Everyone from across the political spectrum do it ..

But do all these politicians live peacefully afterwards ? Most of them have broken marriages, sons who are criminals and cooling it off in prisons, kids who are mentally retarded, the burden of benami ( holding property in somebody else' name to avoid public / govt scrutiny) holdings and the fear of benami holders running away with the property constantly haunting them !

They say, greed and ill-gotten property only begets disaster to the families. When the politicians realise they can do anything and get away with it scot free, they continue doing it blatantly violating all norms and rules.And suffer at the end ..

Only if they had some intelligence to understand this fundamental law of nature..AS YOU SOW, SO YOU SHALL REAP !!


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