Sunday, October 10, 2010

Karnataka on the boil ..

Karnataka is on the national radar for the wrong reasons now a days.
lot of intelectuals are clearly following all the acts of the petty
legislators who are trading in crores. A bunch of petty politicians
who have got exposed through numerous land scams are trying their
level best to save their skin by wanting to sit firmly in the govt to
prevent any inquiry into their roles in these scams.. Right from the
CM to the minister Katta, the whole system is rotten ..

A group of disgruntled MLAs, who are not the favourites in this money
grabbing and land grabbing exercise have raised their banner of revolt
within the party and are standing out as rebels.

Tomorrow, 11 Oct 10 am, the vote of confidence will be tabled against
the BJP govt and the whole assembly will vote. The major opposition,
Congress is keeping itself away from this tamasha..

The other interesting development is the action by the speaker at the
behest of the BJP govt to disqualify MLAs who are raising a rebellion
against the govt. The Governor sent a note to the Speaker asking him
to desist from such actions which are very much partisan in nature.
The speaker in a very hasty move has asked the Governor in a language
which is akin to asking Governor to mind his own business. The speaker
representing the legislature, is speaking to the head of the
executive. The Governor, a practicing lawyer in the Supreme Court and
a much illuminated, informed and well read legal luminaiary does not
need advice from a petty politician like the Speaker ..

Tonight we can expect some interesting developments in the state
capital. Either the assembly can get dissolved and Presidential rule
can be imposed or BJP will sail through comfortably tomorrow in the
assembly. Let us wait and see..


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  1. As a farce, the speaker disqualified MLAs and then took the vote of confidence and got it passed with voice vote ! What a joke !

    Good that Governor has recommended Prez rule in the state to President.

    Then only the money hungry politicians will learn a lesson, if they are ready to learn any ..



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