Saturday, October 30, 2010

How we treat our martyrs ....

It is a pity that cutting across political establishment and army
bureaucracy, the top brasses of both the army and political
establishment have misused their position and acted with selfish

It may be natural to act selfish, but not with the martyrs of our
country. Though I am being a bit parochial in this regard, every
country gives highest respect for their war martyrs.

How silly it has been of our leaders ! How is it that they amass all
these favours, wealth and buildings for themselves without any remorse
or guilt, while the common man without any contacts and the families
of the war veterans have to slog it out the hard way. How can the
well-off people even sleep and rest with peace of mind when they are
fully aware that the real benefactors are being wrongfully denied
their share due to their selfishness (of these spineless goons !)

Didn't our armed forces chiefs have any sense of guilt or remorse
illegally sitting on somebody else's property ? Or are they banking on
ignorance to prove their innocence..

The fact is, we have now shown our true colours to the martyrs of our
country, how we care for them who have given their lives for the


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