Saturday, October 30, 2010

China extends its technological superiority, develops fastest supercomputer ..

Just the beginning for China and the end for US ? It makes more sense
for US to give heed to this popular adage .. "If you can't beat them,
join them ..".

It is indeed a comforting sight to see the epicentre of the world
gravitating to South and Central Asia ..!! A real shockener for those
who wrote off Asia ..

Even though India is trying to expand its sphere of influence around
China by signing agreements with Japan. Malaysia, DR of Korea and of
course with our closest ally for decades Russia, in a move to
strengthen its resolve not to be bullied about, China is looking at
ways and means to destabilise and be of nuisance value to India by
cosying up to Pakistan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. In spite of these small
irritants in bilateral relations, India and China know with certainty
that world focus is shifting to G2 ( China and India), long term
allies for centuries ! It is only to the benefit of both these
countries to be together than be at loggerheads.

US may try to sell us the latest F16s from Lockheeds and other
military equipments during the next week's visit of US President
Obama, to destabilise and increase US influence in Souith Central
Asia, but let us understand the devious mindset behind US intentions,
and not be carried out by their sinister and evil designs. Let US show
its sincerity by offering unconditional support to India's quest for a
permanent UNSC seat, with Russia, France and UK having given it
unconditionally .. Only China is undecided ..

Hope Dr Manmohan Singh and Wen Jiabao realise this historic truth and
craft bilateral diplomatic ties with great care and concern in the
coming days, not to destabilise and derail the aspirations of almost
half of humanity !!


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