Thursday, October 28, 2010

Average time spent on Internet by users ..

As per info from a reputed magazine, an average Internet user of the
developed world spends about 4 hours and 36 minutes on social
networking sites and 4 hours and 24 minutes average on e-mail.

ie. on an average almost one third of the day is spent on the
Internet, one third time sleeping and just one third for the family
and other personal matters. Are we getting addicted to the net ? With
penetration of broadband increasing in the developing world, the
problem is going to be even severe.

Is our generation and the younger ones moving completely over to the
Internet ? Are we going to spend more part of our waking time in the
virtual world of the Internet ( also called cyberspace) ? Are we
finding more peace and comfort in leading a virtual life than a real
life one ?

Our younger generation loves to remain a connected generation. I was
reading somewhere, there has been no other generation in history as
connected as the present day youngsters, even across continents and
geographies. Kids these days remain connected with app 50 users on a
daily basis.

India presently has 706 million wireless and fixed line telephone
users ( compared to China's 815m and US' 285 m, world no 1 and 3
resply..) and 16 million broadband users. With about 20m users going
mobile every month, we will have max mobile phone users in the world
in another 5 - 10 years, almost neck to neck with China.

With mobile banking already widely accepted and mobile money being
planned ( with mobile money ID for each individual), the influence of
wireless networks in our daily lives is going to increase with each
passing day.

All these developments does it bode well for the human race or are we
going to be affected adversely by these developments ? Deserves much
serious thinking. Can we at all reverse of even decelerate the pace of
these developments ?


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