Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ashok Kheny's excellent speech in TJC, 28 Sep, 2010.

Ashok Kheny Visited TJGI

Ashok Kheny Visited TJGI

Ashok Kheny Visited TJGI

Ashok Kheny was at his best speaking to students and faculty at T John college on 28 Sep, 2010.

It was simply excellent as he did not miss any opportunity to finger the bureaucrats and politicians who have messed up with him and the project and made life miserable for him all these years.

With his indomitable spirit and never-say-die attitude, he overcame all hurdles and has rolled out a section of the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) road from Electronic City to Gottigere, Kanakpura Road and beyond to Mysore Road.

His lofty plans for the state and many philanthropic projects were appreciated by the student and faculty community alike. An ardent connoisieur of the arts, Kheny also is a lover of music, arts, drama, films etc..  His maiden Kannada film will be released soon.

What caught my attention was his very bold stand to fight lethargy, inefficiency and graft. Always wanting to be honest and play by the rules, he has at the same time become the darling of the poor, rural masses and the fear of the political class.

His claim that he has created more crorepatis than anybody else in India was not at all a tall claim going by the way his birthday is celebrated every year by the rural people who have been beneficiaries of his many projects.


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