Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why I hate Yahoo, Microsoft and back Google ..

The story is quite old.. some 12 - 13 years back, when hotmail was not owned by Microsoft and Sabeer Bhatia was firing the shots..

That time, Netscape Navigator was still the top web browser and Microsoft had not stolen part of software released by Mosaic as open source s/w. Internet explorer was still in the womb.. The first web based email service was Hotmail. After creating some 100 accounts for my colleagues in Goa Engg college during 1996-7 , my friend Rayudu told me that Yahoo was also a good one worth trying..

I gave it a try and also its  many value added services like free webpages, photostoring services....

Sad to say over the years, yahoo has dumped its loyal customers ( on the free services model) by the road side. I have in the process lost a lot of my files, photos which were stored on yahoo services. That is why I too have dumped yahoo ..

Nothing like google and gmail .. its youtube, chrome browser and blogspot blog services have caught my fancy and will continue to do so with greater force , once chrome OS hits the market.

I am waiting to see that day when Microsoft and its proprietary software model will be overtaken by Google and its open source community developed, publicly owned software model.

That will be the day when all the peoples of the world, irrespective of their economic status, regional alliances and knolwdge levels will be able to reap the full benefits of software thru the open source and community developed and community owned models.

To that land of freedom, God let my world and its people awake !!


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