Monday, September 13, 2010

who wants to lose peace of mind ?

"We have seen several customers surrender their credit cards. Increasingly, debit cards are gaining popularity. While the total business transacted by credit cards fell by 10% across India, the total amount of transaction with debit cards increased from Rs 18,547 crore to Rs 26,417 crore," said a senior manager from HDFC bank. 

Read more: Use of credit cards goes down in India - The Times of India

Debit cards are safe as one tends to spend only within bounds. On the other hand with credit cards, one tends to spend endlessly, buying up things needed and not needed, more on instinct, piling up bills which will anyway need to be paid sooner or later, adding to one's woes..

If the person is salaried with fixed amount coming in every month, this invites lot of headache and disturbs peace of mind..

So why disturb peace of mind, when you can actually have comfort and convenience with a debit card ?


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