Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rs 70,000 crores blown in thin air to bring national shame ..?

The govt will have to investigate how many thousand of crores of rupees has flown out of India and Delhi during the past two years from the govt, officials, organising committee members bank accounts  into swiss bank accounts ..

The less than mediocre preparedness for the Games and the irresponsible and often, evasive, belligerent  replies to questions from media personnel, all point at the total unprofessional attitude of these individuals, who claim to be great sports administrators..

Starting from Suresh Kalmadi and Bhanot, all the OC members and the CPWD engineers need to be taken to task. Exemplary punishment needs to be meted out to these people for bringing shame to the country for their shoddy approach and for causing such a big loss to the exchequer.

The Sydney Olympics cost $ 1 billion in 2000, now this shoddy Common Wealth Games is going to cost $ 8 billion and more..( not sure whether it will happen at all ..) !!!

Who will compensate the common man for this huge loss ??


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