Thursday, September 09, 2010

India in low energy equilibrium .. ??

It was a very strange statement made by our PM two days back in a press conference that China wants India to be in a low energy equilibrium ..

China wants to be big boss in the Asia-south asia region. For this it wants other states to be in a state of inequilibrium or low energy equilibrium so that it can bully its way through and assert supremacy over other countries.

If India is not ready to toe this line and wants to take on China in its backyard itself, it will have to start asserting itself. China can only wait to see Indian might and potential unfold in the coming days.. The Indian elephant will have to take on the Chinese hare..!

The small pinpricks which China is putting every now and then is to test Indian tenacity and doggedness in its pursuit to develop and be a global player.

Recent global predictions of India overtaking China and Indian growth being more stable and predictable than Chinese which is instant and not firmly footed is sending jitters in Chinese establishment.


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