Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Symbiosis students arrested for disturbing locals in Pune..

The Pune rural police action against 81 students of the 489 from Symbiosis found partying in a farm house in Theur, 30 kms from Pune  was indeed the right thing to do..

Since the students are from respectable families and cases have been registerd against the 89 students for excessive noise created during the party and for consuming liquor without permission from police, lot of members, even respectable, of the partying circuit from Pune have joined the chorus against the Police.

Is the police to blame ? Let thwe police do its job and rest of the matters can be dealt with in court..

If students, the future citizens of the country, behave like this or are permitted to behave like this, is the future of the country safe in their hands ?? Is partying a sin or not is not the question, responsible partying and respecting the sentiments of the rural neighbours of the rural located farmhouse is the main issue.

Should the police now start differentiating between the city elites and the rural non-elites, in favour of the city bred ? Should the police give any preference to the law breaking city breds over the law abiding rural breds ?

The right decision will send the correct signals to the 600 million youth population in the country. Are we ready to compromise the country's future for the sake of a few law breaking influential kids ?


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