Sunday, August 15, 2010

PMs Independence Day speech .. Aug 15, 2010 ..

Was listening to the speech of the PM in the morning.. Mature, composed and brimming with confidence, it could never have been any better .. Appealing to the internal disruptive forces of Naxals, and divisive forces in J & K, he did not miss the point to request Pakistan in all humility to refrain from using its territory to train extremists  against India and its people.

Let us wish the new year for India would be one of peace and development, working together to lifting its millions of people from poverty and illiteracy to peace and prosperity, India can give the leadership to the world in ensuring equitable distribution of wealth and removing poverty and diseases from the remotest areas of the world.

PM also mentioned about the need to keep our houses, towns and cities clean and neat. Cleanliness is very much lacking in our daily lives which leads to diseases and finding means to seek its expensive cure (otherwise avoidable).

Let us wish India a happy 63 rd birthday !!


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