Monday, August 09, 2010

Infosys' Global Education Centre, Mysore ..

Mysore Infosys Visit

Mysore Infosys Visit

Mysore Infosys Visit

The world's largest corporate training centre is not in any other part of the world, but here in Mysore itself.. It is not run by Walmart, IBM or Exxon Mobil but by our own Infosys.. The world has only started to see the might of the emerging India ..!!

It has facility to train 18,000 employees at the same time, ensuring five star facilities and comfort .. A great example of innovation, hardwork, integrity and customer satisfaction. For the 100,000 + employees there is no better satisfaction than seeing Infosys rise to be the numero uno in India, if not in the world ..

Snaps after a recent visit there .. Even Capitol in Washington DC would get envious on seeing this !!

President Obama should have compared Washington DC with the city of Mysore than Buffalo with Bangalore to understand the might of the real India ..

ge..(courtesy Sourish and Infosys Tech Ltd, Bangalore..)


  1. Really Great. Is it a new building or a rennovated palace?
    PAM Das
    ONGC, India

  2. Das,

    The beauty is it is built over 2 - 3 years at a cost of a couple of hundreds of crores of rupees. It is a fact that the Capitol in Washington DC looks like this building. President Obama should have likened Washington DC to Mysore than Buffalo to Bngalore..

    Since Infy is a professionally run company there is no owning family (unlike WIPRPO where Azim Premji and his family hold 97% of shares in WIPRO). Funds do not get diverted. It comes back to Infy itself.

    In these columns I have earlier posted news about the facilty. It is beyond world class. 18,000 people can be trained here at one time. Since it is mandatory that people on the rolls of Infy need to get 2 weeks training compulsorily every year, there is no dearth for trainees there at all.

    The other wonder in Mysore is the Mysore palace, if you remember we had visited it in 1983 or so during our south india tour. Infosys GEC is comparable to the palace in marvel and grandeur.

    In olden times, royal families used to get into marriage alliances. Noiwadays it is industrial houses. Infy mentor NRN's son recently got engaged to the daughter of Venu Srinivasan of TVS group. ( Each brings with them foreign education at Harvard, Cornell etc.. raising great doubts on the meritocracy in these institutions of higher learning !! These rich kids would never ever enter into any of the IITs or IIMs in India but come back foreign trained from the univs above and boss over the smart, able kids from the Indian institutes.That is the sad story ..)

    NRN being a simple man would clearly vouch for it any day !!


  3. Its too good sir, mind blowing.
    They have maintained each and every aspects of the premises keeping eco-friendly concepts in mind.


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