Thursday, August 19, 2010

India to zoom past China by 2015 .. ?

A very welcome news and if it happens, as the world's fastest growing economy zooming past China, it is BIG news ..

While India will add 136 m to its workforce by 2020, China will add a meagre 36 m. 

Thanks to our demographic dividends and the enterprising nature of the new upcoming youth raring to go and conquer the world, we have only the forward direction to look at. If we keep aside our regional, communal, political leanings and try to leverage on our rich democratic credentials, the world is at our feet .. 

Leading the world is not a small thing .. Once the underdogs who allowed ourselves to be subjugated, let us start asserting ourselves.. History is past .. look at the future with conviction and confidence ..This is the feeling not just of me or a few people, but of the whole populace..


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