Thursday, August 26, 2010

Common Wealth Games, a waste of resources !

From 600 crores initial budget for the games to a whopping 28,000 crores, that is how the bill for the Common wealth Games 2010 in Delhi has been blown out of proportion.. Who has eaten away all the money ? Who has encouraged the bills to be exaggerated ? Who has encouraged this corruption to flourish ? 

If our politicains do not know how to enforce fiscal discipline and timely completion of projects without cost overruns, they should not indulge in such extravaganza at the poor man's expense..

The Commonwealth Games may bring some name and fame to the country but the poor man still still has to live in poverty and negligence .With the common man still being denied access to the the best sporting facilities , whom are we trying to showcase to the world ?  That lone Bhindra or Rosakutty ??

Nepotism, favouritism and corruption are the hallmarks of this games ..Paid by all, for a few and by a few.. Sheer waste of resources by our incompetent politicians .... 

If such poor accountability to the people of this country is going to be the practice, we should stop this nonsense.. I am with Mani Shanker Aiyer and am saddened by this waste and inefficient utilisation of resources..

Article by Azim Premji, Chairman Wipro ..


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