Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Can Islam and secularism go hand in hand ?

Two of the Muslim dominated countries of the world, Indonesia and Turkey prove that Islam and secularism can go hand in hand. The recent repealing of the fifth constitutional amendment in Bangladesh introduced in 1977 by the military junta dropping the name secularism from the constitution, is indeed a proud moment not only for Bangladeshis, but Asians in general. It assures that another country in this region is not going to be a failed state in the name of religion. We all know what happened to Pakistan.

Introducing a state religion is a sure shot sign for disaster and destruction of the country. The same reason why the military rulers who introduced it, never wants to call it off, lest their influence on the state gets corroded. Only in a situation where religious sentiments are at stake can the military play spoilsport, remain in control and take away the spoils.


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