Thursday, July 08, 2010

Kudikayattathile thidukkam .. or the mad rush to Immigrate ..

My thinking on the matter of immigration has been necessitated by Joel Stein's article belittling Indians who have been immigrating in large numbers to US and other countries of less population and less competition. Though the article has invited harsh criticism from the Indian community for using the terms geniuses and and non-geniuses also passing thru, we all know it is vayattipizhappu ...

Why do we immigrate ( kudikayaruka or is this derogatory or is there any better word ) in such large numbers to other countries ? Are we fed up of life here in India ? Is it a healthy thing to do ? Are we looking at our immediate comforts / life  or do we really care for the future of our children too ? Or are social pressures preventing one from reversing this trend at the individual level ? Would a self respecting American citizen think of immigrating to another country ? They look to taking birth and dying in the same land , unlike we from India ..

Are we "kudikayarunnathu" (immigrating) thinking of the better "bhaavi" (future) of our children or we want them to lose their identity and merge in the mosaic of cultures and become non-entities ? Kudikayattam (immigration) to some countries is looked upto while to some others is looked down on (though the process by itself is an expression of the basic insecurity and non-confidence in oneself and the existing setup) .. Is it a conscious activity or something forced by the social setup to which we belong ?

If all good law abiding citizens kudikayaruka (immigrate) to different countries, what will happen to this land of our forefathers ? Is my response going to be indifferent and ignorant like, " who cares or why should I bother " or "everyone is doing, why not myself?"

Even within India when we move from one state to another, our children are denied the luxury of the rich and cultural upbringing which we enjoyed as children. For example my wife and myself enjoy each and every episode and song of Asianet Star Singer, while our children think it boring and want to switch channels .. If within India the gap is so open, one can imagine the condition in a different land ..We are critically aware of the identity crisis they are passing through in their day to day activities and mingling with friends.

Man as a social being wants to elevate his standard of living and hence is looking to be laterally and upwardly mobile all the time ..Is there any guarantee that lateral mobility ( kudikayattam) will essentially bring upward mobility. On the contrary, can no kudikayattam maintain status quo or halt any downward mobility ?

Does a community look down upon immigrants from another country or do they look up to them ?

Some pressing questions for which I wish to seek answers from thinking and willing individuals.. 


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