Friday, July 16, 2010

Is RSS and BJP showing their true colours ..?

RSS, BJP supporters are in total confusion and have been deseted by their supposedly honest leaders in the dark. RSS , branded alongwith LET and Indian Mujahideen as anti-national for its dubious role in terror blasts inside the country now has its sister in Karnataka plundering national wealth.

The Karnataka BJP is closing its eyes on the plunder of iron ore by Reddy brothers, until the governor and Lokayuktha who have been raising hue and cry and were ignored, had to finally meet the President to apprise her of this plunder. an action in this regard can be expected very soon. The Governor was open in ripping them apart. The Reddy brothers, the main reason behind this state of affairs, bachaas in Karnataka, sons of an ordinary driver, now have wealth in thousands of crores, ammased illegally raping the country. The only qualification they have is that they helped the ruling party at election time. CM should drop them just like that and see what happens but is very scared to do that. All the credit he gained for doing some good actions have now been ruined due to this.

Having proved themselves totally unsuitable for a glorious country ( and these same people have no shame in calling India their mother land), siding with anti-nationals, plunderers, rapists and murderers, these  persons still look to the people of the country to give them support and vote. The people know it better. They are getting ready to hit the final nail on the coffin soon.


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