Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exposing Pak and US double talk .. wikileaks ..

It was very interesting reading over the past two days of revelations from wikileaks.. It was also interesting to note the rebuttals from the US and Pak govts on these revelations.. ( as if the people of the world are fools !!)

These just go to prove that Pakistan where such press freedom cannot be dreamt of, will resort to such cheap, petty actions. US too, in spite of press freedom, will also resort to such dubious and devious actions.

The revelations go to prove beyond even an iota of doubt that both US and Pak are two sides of the same coin.. In one breath they talk of freedom, world peace and fight against terrorism and in the other, they encourage actions ( do not know whether they are helpless victims of their own devious actions, violent activities and banana regimes whom they have supported over the years, who are now hitting back at them.) detrimental to the same causes they espouse for.. 

President Obama now has nowhere to hide in his underwear. The double talk, double standards of the US establishment has been exposed beyond any reasonable sense of honour. Joint fight against terror has been the fight against their own soldiers and people. All the funding they have been giving and receiving have been to promote terrorism .. 

There is a famous verse from the Bible : As you sow, so shall you reap ..  Be prepared to reap what one has sown..!

After all what can we expect from birds of the same feather .. The civilised world will be having to see lot more dramas of rebuttals and denials coming from the Home Office in Washington and Pak foreign Office in the coming days.

The common man has to believe ( will be made to believe) that the revelations from wikileaks are all distorted and concocted.. That is the sense of honesty and integrity one can expect from these counties.. 

Await more drama and actions in the coming days..

In my honest and frank opinion, it is the basic sense of insecurity in their own systems and the fear of the being run over by the emerging economies from the East, which is prompting US to do all these petty actions, out of sync with its status in the present world.


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