Monday, July 05, 2010

Among the world's best airports ..

IGI term 3 is the world's eighth largest passenger terminal in the world after Dubai T3, Beijing, HongKong, Bangkok, Mexico, Barcelona and Dubai T1

With a capacity to handle 38 million passengers annually and 78 aerobridges, this terminal was completed in just 37 months by the GMR group. GMR requires to be lauded for the speed whith which they have completed this terminal just before the Common Wealth Games in October as PPP initiative.

when Emirates sends it A 380 to land here on July 14 after an Air India lands, the IGI term 3 will be operational for the public.

Dr Manmohan Singh summed it all up in this short messIt would signal the arrival of a new India, committed to join the ranks of the modern industrialised nations of the world. :

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