Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A week for Jobin in Kerala ..

Jobin, Easaw George was in kerla for a week from 31 May to 7 th June for the Camp for Orthodox Leadership Training ( COLT) visiting different places of Orthodox interest in Kerala under the dynamic leadership of Fr Philip Kuruvilla.

Even though I have been in Kerala throughout my studies for nearly 22 years of my life, I have not visited some of the places  which the students have visited.

Pazhaya Seminary, kochu palli, valia palli, Kolenchery medical mission hospital etc.. Bethany ashram, Puthupally church ( where Jobin's grandmother is resting in peace in the family kallara) etc were some of the places he visited. Almost thirty students ( 17-20 years of age) from across the country took part..

The first image is Devalokam, abode of the Catholicos of Malankara Orthodox church in Kottayam.

The second image is of the team members with thirumeni.


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