Monday, June 14, 2010

Slavery snaps from US ..

An undated rare photo provided by Keya Morgan, ...

An old rare photo of two slave children taken in 1854 somewhere in US .. Eventually the boy John on the left was sold for $ 1100 as a slave. The world's oldest democracy has many such bitter embarrassing events to hide to the world .. History can be very shocking, painful and revealing ... The crude and cruel practices our forefathers followed have shaken our conscience and minds as never before..

If slavery then was to the landlords to support a luxurious lifestyle, now it is to the modern day businesses to help support a materialistic lifestyle.. The untouchability was such a vice in India which we have mostly succeeded in eradicating, as slavery has been eradicated in US. 

Education has been the greatest leveling factor aided by the spirited movements led by social reformers, which has played an all important role in removing societal disparities.


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