Friday, June 11, 2010

Rank of nations in Global peace Index ..

Here is a list of countries coming in the list of the top 5  and last three in terms of peace and stability in a survey covering 149 nations in the world in 2010 for the Global Peace Index .. (GPI).

1. New Zealand
2. Iceland
3. Japan
4. Austria
5. Norway
80.. China
85. United states
147. Afghanistan
148. Somalia
149. Iraq

1. Well functioning governments, 2. stable business environments, 3. respect for human rights, 4. low levels of corruption, 5. high rates of participation in education, and 6. freedom of information were found to be the common factors responsible for the high ranks for the top 5 nations.

While India at rank 128 scores well on points 1,2 and 6, points 3,4 and 5 were found leaving much to be desired here.

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