Friday, June 11, 2010

Neendakara, reddish water and rising sea levels ..

Truly a globalised world ..

I never could understand when a neighbour from Quilon dist was mentioning how the water on the Neendakara beaches was turning light reddish with rising water levels ..  During chaakara times, the sea floor gets perturbed and the nutrient rich water surfaces which is fertile ground for prawns and sardines .. I was fortunate to see some chaakara on Aleppey beach ..

Was wondering what was happening..  Any Tsunami coming up ??

Later I realised it is the effect of globalisation. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP sunk oil rig has affected even the waters of Neendakara.. Oil has been spilling at far greater rates than what BP has been officially claiming.. The oil spill per hour from the oil rig was what BP was claiming was happening in one day.. With about 100 million gallons spilled already, BP has been very benevolent in sharing its wealth not only with the shareholders, but also with the fishermen folk, fishes, sea creatures and even with far-off lands ..


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