Monday, June 21, 2010

Much endangered Jarawa tribe in Andamans ..

The very endangered Jarawa tribe, about only 300 in number, who came in contact with other humans just in 1998, faces threat of extinction by the Andamans Trunk road which cuts through their territory and brings the people and tourists in contact with tribals. This has led to their contracting diseases, taking to alchohol and disturbing their hunting grounds.

In spite of  a Supreme Court and UN ruling asking the Indian Govt to stop traffic on the Andamans Trunk road, vehicular traffic has seen a three fold increase in the last three years to almost 40,000 in year 2007.

Preserving humanity in all its majesty and grandeur is not just the responsibility of the state, every citizen needs to seriously ponder over it.

Some details about the diff tribes in Andamans.. All are extinct except the Jarawas.


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