Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mamata hurricane of force 10 wipes off the left in WB ..

Todays humiliation inflicted on the left by Trinamool Congress in the WB local bodies elections never came as a surprise, because the left stalwarts were already aware that their days are over and their ideology will not gel with the common farmer and ffactory worker  any more ..

The tricks their leaders have scrupulously being working on the cadres are hitting them back much to the dismay and shock of the left followers. The progress WB has made in the last 30 years of Left misrule is there for all to see.

The left leaders who were famous for being unheedful of the followers will have to bow out in total disgrace not only from WB politics, but from national politics too. An endangered species and in some cases almost extinct, this breed owes a lot to the people of Kerala who still somehow accomodate them and their tantrums. The smart ones reading the picture on the wall, have already migrated to greener pastures elsewhere and have no qualms in armchair theorising..

The left leaders should be ever thankful to the Indian democratic system which has been accomodative of these bunch of fraudsters in the name of ideology.


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