Friday, June 25, 2010

Karnataka Lokayukta, Justice Hegde and CM Yeddyurappa ..

When Justice Hegde asked the CM Yeddyurappa for accelerated action to prosecute the two ministers in the Yeddy Cabinet, the infamous mining barons, Reddy brothers, Yeddy ignored him and gave them more importance. Even though Yeddy has not openly supported the Reddy brothers, this was the best way he could snub the Lokayukta and the Governor, H R Bharadwaj, both of whom were gunning for Reddys blood. The clearest and surest way Yeddy has shown indifference and disrespect to the constitutional authorities.

Reddy brothers were usurping their official position as Ministers in the cabinet to further their unauthorised mining of Karnataka iron ore, by rewriting the Andhra Karnataka border to their convenience. Paying a royalty of just Rs 28.00 for a tonne of authorised iron ore which they sell in the market for Rs 8000 plus, and nothing for the unauthorised ones, one can imagine the clout the Reddy brothers had on the CM, BJP leader Ms Sushma Swaraj and supporters especially during election time.

Now that the Governor has asked Justice Hegde to reconsider his decision not to allow corrupt people within the government to have the upper hand on the system and in turn prodding the govt to request Justice Hegde to call back the resignation papers, we can hope good sense will prevail on the corrupt political leaders to bow down to Justice Hegde.


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