Monday, June 21, 2010

Father bats for son ....

It is quite natural to learn that actor Amitabh Bachan may be batting for his son Abhishek for his lousy acting in Raavan, the block buster released last week. But by commenting on the film's poor editing, Amitabh has done more harm for the Indian film industry and particularly the stalwarts associated with the film like Director Mani Ratnam and Santosh Sivan.

Is it not for the audience to decide whether the film was good or not or is it for some people to prejudge based on their perceptions and misconceptions of certain personalities ?

Does Amitabh Bachan think that that acting too gets carried hereditarily from father to son and so on ? The bane with Hindi films and a weakness for Amitabh is the very thought that only sons and daughters of exisitng and old actors can become good actors in future. What an intellectually challenging thought ? No space for new actors .. ? 

If so, Amitabh should not have got a chance in the first instance itself in his younger days..

Abishek will have to show his prowess in acting not by the seal of Amitabh's son, but by his own merits in decent  and sensible acting.. 

For that same reason, a snob's son cannot be a snob ..!!


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