Friday, June 18, 2010

BP's Philanthropy : CSR, $ 82 billion by end Dec 2010.

BP's Corporate Social Responsibility is very much evident the way it is sharing its produce with the society around the Gulf of Mexico. Also with the living beings like fish, birds and shrubs on the beaches.

It is daily donating 2.5 million gallons of crude oil to the society and that is a lot of money. Works out to 75 million gallons per month.

Since it started sharing this wealth almost two month back, BP has already donated 150 million gallons already. Considering the oil gush can be controlled by mid August with some probability, which is another two months away, it means contributing another 150 million gallons. 

Giiving 50 % percent probability that the wealth sharing process will not be contained by August, by end December which is exactly six months from now, it means adding another 300 million gallons more..

Totally 600 million gallons of crude oil for free to the Gulf of Mexico and the community around it..At $ 70 per gallon, it is roughly $42 billion. wow !! Consider another $40 billion of wealth sharing for cleaning up the beaches, birds, compensation to the fishing community and so on, US is really getting BP to work hard to carry out its CSR ..


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