Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bhopal, Union Carbide, 35,000 lives and peanuts ..

Anger in India over Bhopal disaster verdicts
Guilty verdicts 25 years after Indias gas ...

If an Indian company had spilled methyl Isocyanate gas and killed 35000 people in US, would the American courts and legislators have kept quiet ??

Exploiting the less developed and weak legal framework in India as regards compliance to regulations and necessary penal provisions and legislations in place, Union Carbide and its top brasses have gone scot free, especially at a time when it is trying to sue a British company, BP, for fouling its beaches for billions of dollars.. what an irony ?d

MORAL OF THE STORY : American companies will continue to foul foreign lands and kill and maim foreigners unscrupulously, but no country should ever think of doing the same to American citizens and their land.

How long can a country and its people dominate and exploit the rest of the world ? Patience will pay at the end !!


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